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Garage Sales

Seven tips for bargain hunters in garage sales
A visit to the garage sale is considered by many as a good time pass where you get to stroll about for a few hours but there is also a dedicated few who employ a number of tricks that help them secure some really good bargains and make themselves a nice little profit. This article will list seven common tips n tricks used by bargain hunters at garage sales. Early ArrivalThe early bird gets the worm term applies...
Business lessons from Garage Sales for sellers
The first potential customers to arrive at the garage sale stall tend to be hardcore dealers who comb Sunday markets, garage sales, car boot sales and other similar events very early in the morning in the hope to scoop the cream of the crop. The dealers are adept in spotting a bargain and will employ a number of tricks of the trade to secure a sale at the best possible price to them. The garage sale stall owners...
Clip Art to promote a Garage Sale
Clip art is basically a graphical, drawn form an item which are quite fun to look at and potential bargain hunters can find themselves drawn towards particular items they may find of interest. Kids and adults alike can find themselves feel attracted more towards certain items being promoted via clip art usage rather than simple boring, plain price tags and labels. The importance of presentation in a garage sale...

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