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Garage Sales

Seven tips for bargain hunters in garage sales
A visit to the garage sale is considered by many as a good time pass where you get to stroll about for a few hours but there is also a dedicated few who employ a number of tricks that help them secure some really good bargains and make themselves a nice little profit. This article will list seven common tips n tricks used by bargain hunters at garage sales. Early ArrivalThe early bird gets the worm term applies...
How to persuade visitors to buy more at your garage sale.
No one likes people simply walking past their garage sale stall or when they do make a pit stop, they only buy the cheapest things on display. Some simple tips can gently persuade many of those passing by and the browsers to become customers. Adding incentives to purchase items helps a lot where an offer such as “spend over £10 and get £2 off any other item on display” and other similar incentives work wonders in...

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